SSDI An Entitlement in Need of Reform


Reform SSDI Now, a project of Our Generation, seeks to educate the American public about the rising costs of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and urge them to get engaged In order to persuade policy makers to reform the program. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is A federal entitlement program that was created in 1956 to provide diablity benefits for permenantly disabled workers over the age of 50 with a substantial work history. The size and scope of the program has expanded over time.

Federal policy makers and especially Congress need to look at ways to reform the program, which is expected to become insolvent in two years. In 1970, the Disability Insurance program could be financed with a payroll tax rate of only 0.8 percent of wages; today, the cost of SSDI has tripled relative to the 1970 level. Disability benefits now make up 18 percent of all Social Security costs, up from only 10 percent in 1990.

So Reform SSDI Now, and become educated, involved, and active.

Federal Legislation

H.R.160 Disability Benefit Fairness Act of 2013

H.R.647 ABLE Act of 2013

H.R.1031 Social Security Protection and Truth in Budgeting Act of 2013

10 outrageous examples of SSDI Fraud:

Social Security Disability Insurance is meant to provide assistance to Americans who are unable to work due to physical or mental disabilities. Unfortunately, this well-intentioned program has ballooned into a $135 billion bureaucracy rife with waste, fraud and abuse.

All too often, the Social Security Administration fails to weed out legitimate disability claimants from those who are capable of working and are attempting to defraud the system by receiving regular income without having to get a job. As a result, countless Americans are scamming SSDI by collecting taxpayer-funded disability benefits improperly. The following are the 10 most outrageous examples of Social Security disability fraud uncovered in recent years.
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Drivers of SSDI Growth

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Please check out an op-ed that appeared in The Washington Times about SSDI reform.