CBS’s 60 Minutes Covers SSDI Reform

If you were watching 60 Minutes last night you would not have missed their excellent expose on the growth of the Social Security Disability Insurance program. In fact, the report highlighted the fact that the programed has exploded in size in the last six years and could very well be the first federal program to run out of money. Viewers were keyed into something members of Our Generation have known for some time, which is the SSDI program is fraught with waste fraud and abuse. Some of the highlights from the piece include the following facts:

  • It is possible that up to half of SSDI benefits are received fraudulently;
  • 12 million people are now on receiving disability payments;
  • Some parts of the country 25-30 percent of the population is on the disability dole;
  • If the program is not reformed it will collapse and be insolvent in less than; three years;
  • The federal government spends $135 billion per year on disability benefits; and
  • Some attorneys may be gaming the system at the taxpayers expense.


See the entire piece…

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